SRS Architectural Models specialized in building scale models of presentation quality, for proposed building projects, mock-ups and prototypes for developers and Architects, public hearings, government agency approvals e.g., Fine Arts, GSA, NCPC, EPA, State Dept., Justice Dept., etc., and litigation trials that require accurate representation of accident and crime scenes.
Our production techniques use machine and technical equipment which are based upon the use of plexiglas, wood, polyurethane contour sites, and painted crescent boards as materials, which have proven to be highly crafted and pleasing products, with long lasting quality. (view models)

As shown on Good Morning America - ABC Television The Architectural homes featured are sculptural and functional works of art of the highest quality design not just for dogs' and cats' comfort, but also for the owner's pleasure.
They are designed by Design Architect, Steven R. Steinheimer, of SRS Architectural Models, Washington, DC He produces these pet homes through a design-build process which results in the actual construction of the different prototype models displayed. (view)

Specializing in architectural interiors for selected residential and commercial projects-furniture and shelving design, built-ins fireplace mantels, floor and wall decor, art work and sculpture, and decorative accessories. (view)
Specializing in the production and design development of architectural/engineering models and large graphic board presentations-chart, maps, text, and photos used for Trial Litigation, Expert Witness testimony, and design development proposals serving as an Expert Witness for the U.S. Justice Dept., as well as, private sector Law Firms. (view presentations)


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